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Russell Steven Powell (Bar Lois Weeks photo)

Russell Steven Powell (Bar Lois Weeks photo)

AS OF June 1, 2016, my new website is http://russellpowell.net/. Please visit there to see my new artwork and writing. Thanks.

AUTHOR RUSSELL STEVEN POWELL has worked for the apple industry for 20 years, including 13 years as executive director of the nonprofit New England Apple Association. As its senior writer, he currently writes the weblog newenglandorchards.org.

In addition to two books about apples, Apples of New England (Countryman Press, 2014) and America’s Apple (Brook Hollow Press, 2012), Powell is the author of My Interview with James Baldwin (Brook Hollow Press, 2016), and the forthcoming Living Without Lawn: Rethinking the Front Yard.

He was founding editor and publisher of New England Watershed Magazine, named Best New Publication of 2006 by the Utne Reader. He produced and directed Shack Time (2001), an award-winning video documentary program about the artist shacks in the dunes of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Powell’s oil paintings have been exhibited across Massachusetts, in New York City, and Virginia.

A native of New England, he lives in western Massachusetts.

Photographer Bar Lois Weeks has been executive director of the New England Apple Association since 2011. Her photographs of apples have appeared in numerous publications.

She lives in Connecticut.

TO CONTACT POWELL, email newenglandapples@verizon.net.



6 thoughts on “About Russell Steven Powell

  1. Hi! Would you be interested in doing a book signing to sell your book during the Apple Country Fair in Brookfield, MA? The event is Saturday, October 6, from 10-4. The Friends of the Library have a book sale from 10-1. Please let us know what you think!

    • Dear Brenda,
      It is a lovely offer, but I organize the Hatfield Harvest 5K road race, a fundraiser for local agriculture, that morning. The earliest I could get to Brookfield would be 2 p.m. If that interests you, let me know; if not I am open to coming at a different day and time. Thanks.

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