Next Up: Bookstores and Garden Center

The view from the University of Massachusetts Cold Spring Orchard, Belchertown, Massachusetts (Bar Lois Weeks photo, from 'Apples of New England')

The view from the University of Massachusetts Cold Spring Orchard, Belchertown, Massachusetts (Bar Lois Weeks photo, from ‘Apples of New England’)

Apples of New England, by Russell Steven PowellUPCOMING in December and scheduled in the new year so far are three events:

Wednesday, December 10, 2014, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. I will discuss apples, answer questions, and sign copies of Apples of New England at Barnes and Noble, Mountain Farms Mall, Hadley, Massachusetts.

Thursday, January 22, 2015, at 7 p.m., I will give a reading and sign books at Porter Square Books, 25 White St., Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015, at 1 p.m., I will give a presentation on apples at Hadley Garden Center, 285 Russell St. (Route 9), Hadley, Massachusetts.

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Saturday, December 6 I will be a judge at the Heritage Recipe Baking Contest co-sponsored by Historic Deerfield and King Arthur Flour at Hall Tavern, at Historic Deerfield, 84 Old Main Street, Deerfield, Massachusetts. Winners will be announced at 2 p.m.

Follow the link for rules and an entry form. Deadline for entries is Wednesday, November 26.

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To schedule an appearance, write to

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APPLES OF NEW ENGLAND has been well received to date. Here are excerpts from and links to a few recent reviews and articles:

“Like Thoreau and Chapman, Powell knows his apples. Like them, too, he is fundamentally an apple romantic. He writes eloquently and passionately about the lure of this ordinary yet infinitely appealing fruit.”

At its core, book eloquently pays homage to apples, The Recorder, Greenfield, Mass., December 5, 2014

“Powell’s guidebook is packed with information about each variety, from the ‘superstar’ Honeycrisp eating apple to the great keeper, Fuji. … From Winter Banana and Sheep’s Nose to Black Oxford and Hubbardston Nonesuch, and from Nodhead to Cathead, Powell’s guidebook abounds with stories.”

He’s an apostle for the American apple, The Recorder, Greenfield, Mass., November 17, 2014

“Powell dives deep into the subject, sharing facts about growing and using the fruit to how they connect us to our past.” 

Author is sweet on apples, Worcester Telegram and Gazette, Worcester, Mass., November 9, 2014

“Readers who mostly know this fruit from their supermarket may be surprised to see how many varieties there are.”

Book Notes, The Salem News, Salem, Mass., October 25, 2014

“Apples of New England reflects a contemplative and literary approach to landscape, agriculture and the apple’s role both as fruit and symbol.”

Bookbag, Daily Hampshire Gazette, Northampton, Mass., October 10, 2014

“Apple fans have a new resource to expand their appreciation of the fruit.”

Apple guide makes picking out fall’s iconic fruit easy, The Herald News, Fall River, Mass., October 22, 2014

“How much do you really know about these fruits? With this book, you’ll learn a lot more. … Colorfully illustrated.”

Bookshelf, Cape Cod Times, Hyannis, Mass., October 5, 2014

“I discovered Powell’s book on my desk when I came to work Monday. It wasn’t there when I left late Sunday night, which means only one thing: the book fairy came sometime in the wee hours of the morning. Way better than the tooth fairy.”

Apples of my eye, The Daily Item, Lynn, Mass., October 1, 2014

“Powell, former executive director of the New England Apple Association, gets into the nitty gritty … describing more than 200 apple varieties found in New England, and sets out the history of the apple in the region in a detailed way.”

Books offer taste of a juicy history, The Valley News, West Lebanon, New Hampshire, September 20, 2014


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