‘America’s Apple’ Now in Paperback

An apple picker kneels by a Fuji tree in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley

An apple picker kneels by a Fuji tree in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. (Photograph by Bar Lois Weeks)

America’s Apple (Brook Hollow Press) is now available in paperback, for $19.95. The book takes a broad look at the United States apple industry and the people who grow this iconic fruit. America’s Apple covers horticulture, heirlooms, apple drinks and cooking, food safety, orchard pests, Johnny Appleseed, and much, much more, with photographs by Bar Lois Weeks.

The paperback is identical to the hardcover, with one exception: it does not include the photographic index of apple varieties in the back. Those varieties are visually larger and described in more detail in Apples of New England (Countryman Press) available soon.

To purchase either the hardcover or paperback version of America’s Apple, visit silverstreetmedia.com, or amazon.com.


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